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Tickets are criminal misdemeanors in Georgia. Hendrick & Henry’s team is the highest rated and most reviewed traffic defense firm in Georgia.

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Absolutely recommend Hendrick & Henry Law for any traffic violations you may be involved with. The best qualities: responsive, responsible, honest and fair. All I can say are positive qualities. My case almost over 2 years old and they never made me feel like they abandoned the case or that I was left on my own. 100% recommend them.
Eva Cantú
Working with Hendrick & Henry Law was the best decision I ever made. Everyone is helpful, kind, patient…I only have good things to say. Ben Mozingo was my lawyer, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. My traffic citation was resolved quickly and painlessly. Can’t recommend enough!
Jan L
They were absolutely amazing all around! I was about to lose my job because of a ticket I got that suspended my CDL. They were able to completely get it off my record and restore my CDL and my job! They were all very friendly and easy to deal with. I couldn’t recommend them enough!
Justin Enlow
Phenomenal! As a business owner in the transportation industry, it is imperative that we maintain excellent driving records. I received a citation right before the pandemic that grew into a full blown issue, complete with a failure to appear. Hendrick and Henry handled my issue quickly and professionally. They are extremely responsive and keep you in the loop every step of the way. Their communication kept me on task to ensure that I met the requirement deadlines to get this citation behind me with no impact to my record. I will now use them exclusively and recommend them to others
It seems the hardest thing to find in business is someone who answers the phone, and then follows up on all promises. The team at Hendrick and Henry Law were nothing short of all expectations. A+ Service is exactly what I received with the outcome they detailed to me in the interview process. A special shout out to Ben Zomingo…this gentleman went above and beyond even when I was distracted in my follow up with him. His customer service was impressive. Thank you Ben!
Rio Giardinieri

We have developed a highly specialized division of our firm dealing only with Georgia traffic and speeding issues. That means that our firms’ attorneys are actually practicing in the local Georgia courts where your ticket will be prosecuted — day to day, month to month, and year to year. For over 17 years, the traffic division attorneys at Hendrick & Henry have cultivated these relationships and will put them to work for you. – Ben Mozingo

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What’s the Big Deal?

Why should I pay for an attorney in addition to possibly paying for fines?


Because you will save money!!! When you receive a traffic ticket in Georgia, in addition to your fine, your insurance rates will go up between $400 and $1000 per year for the next 3-5 years!

That is between $1200 and $5000 dollars. Many drivers don’t realize this “hidden” charge for a traffic citation. Additionally, your life insurance rates may climb. And yes—you will have that dreaded “record.”
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You don’t need to take our word for these expenses—call your insurance company to ask what will happen to your rates if you get convicted. It’s simple math, and if you can keep your record clean, it almost always makes sense to hire an attorney.

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Over 15,000 Georgia traffic ticket cases resolved since 2004

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Our highly specialized traffic law division of our firm deals only with traffic and speeding issues. That means that our firms’ attorneys are actually practicing in the courts where your ticket will be prosecuted — day to day, month to month, and year to year.

For minor tickets, we’re extremely successful in avoiding any conviction and the corresponding points from being reported on your record. Aside from a couple signatures from you, we do all the work and appear on your behalf. Whenever possible. It’s that simple.

For more serious charges such as racing, reckless driving, and 100 mph+ speeding tickets, you may need to come to court with us depending on the judge. While we’ll swing for the fences to eliminate any record/points for these as well, sometimes a non-reporting result isn’t possible. In these circumstances, we fight tooth and nail to keep you out of custody, off probation, and to prevent your license from suspension.

Recently, we’ve seen a push by some data-mining companies to find infractions even if they are not on your driving record (other ticket defense firms won’t tell you this). They sell this information to your insurance company so they can raise your rates. At Hendrick and Henry, we do everything in our power to make this as difficult for your insurance company as we can.

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Georgia DUI – Driving under the Influence

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  • 4. When your ticket is successfully resolved, we will provide you with the final disposition, court paperwork, discuss in person any questions you may have, and give you any instructions to follow if there is a fine to pay the court to keep your ticket off your driving record, or other possible requirements.
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Troy Hendrick
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Years ago, Mr. Hendrick sued the District Attorney’s Office in DeKalb County, and single-handedly spearheaded the dismantling of DeKalb County Recorders Court. This action served as Troy’s transition into civil law, and his tenacity resulted in the end of a tyrannical and unfair court system designed to process tens of millions of traffic ticket fines while withholding justice in the process.

For years, this court had taken advantage of the public by handing down severe and illegal sentences to people just like you! This case, which ultimately toppled the largest traffic court in the State and one of the largest in the country, was over a speeding ticket.

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