Testimonials for
Hendrick & Henry
Personal Injury Cases

“I want to thank you for all you have done for my family regarding the accident and all the events that followed. Your work was extraordinary. But beyond your work is the spirit in which you carried everything out. I was fragile in health and fragile in mind and emotions. But you reassured me; you were patient with me on that walker and lifted my spirit, which brought such healing to my soul…Beyond my family you are impacting thousands of other lives with your work. I read about your success in getting the DeKalb [Recorder’s] Court in its right place, bringing order where there has been chaos. That was no small feat, excellent work. Congratulations!

You alone seemed to be the one assigned to “set all things right” in that situation. That is not simply what you did in this case, but I believe that God has given you that gift or assignment, empowerment, whatever you want to call it, on a grander scale (God would not let me rest until I told you that). Like others in your profession, you defend those in trouble, but beyond that you are a “repairer of the breach” (Isaiah 58:12) in ways you don’t yet understand. May you always execute that plan set before you with the same remarkable God-given grace, Troy. It was no accident that I found you. If ever I can be of help to you, please let me know. I owe you a great debt.” –P Baker Cannon

“I called Troy for help after a close friend was involved in a devastating motor vehicle collision. He got to work right away, and within days we had opened lines of communication between the family and the investigating officers. He also immediately initiated productive communications with the proper insurance companies. The burden this took off the family was incredibly valuable. Troy’s knowledge of the local municipal system and his familiarity with insurance claims proved an invaluable asset during a time of need for a family in a serious time of need, and we can’t thank him and his team enough.” 
–James R.
“I hired Troy after a fairly serious injury. The other driver would not take responsibility. I went to a conference with the insurance company where I offered to take $265,000 to settle the case but they wouldn’t pay it. So Troy sued the driver and I recovered $450,000 instead! Troy was a fierce advocate for me, but he also became my friend throughout the ordeal. Margie, Puma, and his office were great and I felt personally connected to them the whole time–not like a ‘faceless’ case-file, but definitely more like friends. I highly recommend Hendrick and Henry for anyone facing serious injuries.” 
“I was referred to Troy by another lawyer. He came out to our house to meet with us. I did not have much hope for my case–I got hit by a 14-year-old on a joyride with his friends. And also we found out that the insurance company that covered the vehicle had gone bankrupt. So the chance for any kind of recovery at all not good to say the least. But Troy and his team turned over every rock for us, and my partner and I eventually got a recovery from the State of South Carolina that covers bankrupt insurance companies!”
–Corry S.
It makes me feel good knowing you and the law firm will be there for me for any type of personal injuries and harms. Thank y’all for caring. May God bless you all. Troy will always be my lawyer now between him and his wife!”
–J. Monfort

Testimonials for
Hendrick & Henry
Traffic Law Cases

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Absolutely recommend Hendrick & Henry Law for any traffic violations you may be involved with. The best qualities: responsive, responsible, honest and fair. All I can say are positive qualities. My case almost over 2 years old and they never made me feel like they abandoned the case or that I was left on my own. 100% recommend them.
Eva Cantú
Working with Hendrick & Henry Law was the best decision I ever made. Everyone is helpful, kind, patient…I only have good things to say. Ben Mozingo was my lawyer, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. My traffic citation was resolved quickly and painlessly. Can’t recommend enough!
Jan L
They were absolutely amazing all around! I was about to lose my job because of a ticket I got that suspended my CDL. They were able to completely get it off my record and restore my CDL and my job! They were all very friendly and easy to deal with. I couldn’t recommend them enough!
Justin Enlow
Phenomenal! As a business owner in the transportation industry, it is imperative that we maintain excellent driving records. I received a citation right before the pandemic that grew into a full blown issue, complete with a failure to appear. Hendrick and Henry handled my issue quickly and professionally. They are extremely responsive and keep you in the loop every step of the way. Their communication kept me on task to ensure that I met the requirement deadlines to get this citation behind me with no impact to my record. I will now use them exclusively and recommend them to others
It seems the hardest thing to find in business is someone who answers the phone, and then follows up on all promises. The team at Hendrick and Henry Law were nothing short of all expectations. A+ Service is exactly what I received with the outcome they detailed to me in the interview process. A special shout out to Ben Zomingo…this gentleman went above and beyond even when I was distracted in my follow up with him. His customer service was impressive. Thank you Ben!
Rio Giardinieri