We have developed a highly specialized division of our firm dealing only with Georgia traffic and speeding issues. That means that our firms’ attorneys are actually practicing in the local Georgia courts where your ticket will be prosecuted — day to day, month to month, and year to year. For over 17 years, the traffic division attorneys at Hendrick & Henry have cultivated these relationships and will put them to work for you. – Ben Mozingo

Actions you need to take if you have been charged with DUI in Georgia.

You need a good attorney to handle your driving under the influence charges. There is simply too much at risk to handle the situation yourself. Call 404-310-9795 and we will arrange for you to have a FREE consultation regarding your DUI charges.

We believe that in the overwhelming majority of cases, the Georgia police officer or the state of Georgia has made mistakes in the prosecution of your case that will lead to opportunities to achieve a positive outcome in your DUI case.

We work tirelessly through the use of experts, doctors, investigators, technology and the law to find areas of your case in which the state of Georgia has failed to meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

We approach your Georgia driving under the influence case with a “we-can-win-it” attitude, we keep our minds open to any and all possibilities to be successful in the defense of your case and in defense of your Georgia and United States Constitutional Rights. When you hire The Law Offices of Troy P. Hendrick, you have done everything in your power to achieve the best result possible.

Hiring a committed Georgia DUI lawyer is the first step toward putting your mind at rest and ensuring that you have the best chance at reducing the negative impact that these types of charges can have on your life and your future.

The best results are achieved when our firm and experts have an opportunity to get involved early and quickly in the legal process. Do not delay, call the Georgia DUI Law Firm of Hendrick & Henry at 404-310-9795 or contact us here.

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We understand the anguish and uncertainty a Georgia DUI charge can bring.
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Trust the knowledge of two former DUI prosecutors to prepare your Atlanta, Georgia DUI defense.

At Hendrick & Henry Law, we take the approach that each and every Georgia DUI (driving under the influence) case can be won!

Our attorneys have handled tens of thousands of cases throughout their careers.

For the past 17 years we have gained a reputation in the community as lawyers who go the extra mile to defend their clients. While Joseph and Troy have turned their skillset and attention to serving the needs of injured clients, our DUI practice still strikes fear in the heart of a prosecutor.

Attorney Ben Mozingo is a fierce advocate for our clients. Ben has completed the same course work as the officer who arrested you. Ben is also certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Evaluation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and he is well versed in putting this knowledge to work for you.

THE “30 Day Letter”

One of the most severe consequences of a Georgia DUI is the year-long administrative license suspension (“ALS”) that will occur if you don’t take action within 30 days of your arrest.  If you refuse to provide a sample for the exact test the officer requests (blood, breath or urine), or if you provide a sample and the amount of alcohol in your system is in excess of .08, your license will be suspended for an entire 12 months on the 45th day following your arrest.  This is also true if you are charged with DUI – Drugs. While you have a constitutional right to refuse these tests, remember that driving is a privilege in Georgia–not a right. Ignorance of this law is not an excuse and there is no recourse for those who fail to take appropriate and timely action.

We all have to earn a living to provide for ourselves and those we love. Most of us need a license to get to and from work. Saving your license from suspension can be the single-most important benefit of contacting an attorney immediately after your arrest. Make sure you give your lawyer ample time to file the necessary paperwork with the Department of Drivers’ Services to ensure you don’t lose before you even get to court. 

DUI reviews

5 stars is not enough to show how far above and beyond Mr. Henry goes for his clients. He earned me a Not Guilty verdict for DUI

Hiring Mr. Henry was the best decision of my life! I was going up against a stubborn prosecutor and an award-winning officer (2015 Officer of the Year from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety) who had NEVER lost a DUI trial in a county (Forsyth County) that is very pro-law enforcement and Mr. Henry earned me a Not Guilty verdict and saved my career! I didn’t blow but displayed 6 out of 6 clues on the HGN test. 3 out of 8 in the walk and turn and 3 out of 4 in the one-leg stand. The prosecutor refused to settle for a reckless driving charge despite Mr. Henry’s countless efforts so we were forced to take it to trial. Mr. Henry left no stone unturned. He dissected the dashcam video. Argued up the strong points and justified the negative moments in a very relatable way to the jury. His courtroom presence really helped turn the tide in my favor in a very tricky case that could’ve gone either way. The jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict in less than 2 hours which is almost unheard of for a DUI trial! That’s how effective Mr. Henry was. The look on the judge’s face said it all. He couldn’t believe it. Leading up to the trial, Mr. Henry was in constant contact with me the entire way. He would call me with regular updates and was never more than a phone call or text away if I had any questions. We had several lengthy discussions that really helped put my mind at ease. When you are his client, Mr. Henry doesn’t play by typical business hours. We even met Super Bowl Sunday just to make sure we were absolutely 100% prepared and on the same page before trial the following morning. Who does that? Mr. Henry, that’s who. Whether it’s working weekends, late nights, holidays, Mr. Henry will do whatever it takes to be the most prepared person in the courtroom and the results speak for themselves. If you’re having doubts about hiring Mr. Henry, stop it. Stop it right now!! You will not find an attorney who is more hard-working and more knowledgeable than Mr. Henry and I challenge you to find an attorney who cares more about their client than Mr. Henry because you won’t find one. It does not exist. You are not a client to Mr. Henry. You are a friend. Thank you Joseph! Thank you so much!!!
Colin O. – February, 2019

Best Lawyer I Have Ever Had 

When I got my DUI I was scared, helpless, and lost. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I had several lawyers contacting me after I received my charge, but I was skeptical. I had a friend recommend Joseph to me and after our consultation, I knew that he was the lawyer for me. He was easy to talk to and really helped me understand what my best options were. Being that English is not my first language I was nervous about miscommunication, but he made everything clear and concise to me so there was absolutely no confusion. He is very accommodating. I highly recommend Joseph as a lawyer and if I could I would give him ten stars. He is very professional and friendly. He was extremely persistent and fought for me until my DUI charges were lowered to Reckless Driving. It wasn’t easy and it took a while, but he never gave up. My family and I are forever grateful for everything that you have done for us.
William C. – March, 2021

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Years ago, Mr. Hendrick sued the District Attorney’s Office in DeKalb County, and single-handedly spearheaded the dismantling of DeKalb County Recorders Court. This action served as Troy’s transition into civil law, and his tenacity resulted in the end of a tyrannical and unfair court system designed to process tens of millions of traffic ticket fines while withholding justice in the process.

For years, this court had taken advantage of the public by handing down severe and illegal sentences to people just like you! This case, which ultimately toppled the largest traffic court in the State and one of the largest in the country, was over a speeding ticket.

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